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Address:West industrial park, bowang town, bowang district, ma 'anshan city

Tel: 139-6554-1302/ 0555-6071185  

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Company profile

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ANHUI YAFEI MACHINE TOOL CO., LTD. Is a multi-functional heavy machine tool manufacturing enterprise with product development, scientific research design, production and technical services.
The main products are: bending machine, shearing machine, three, four roll plate machine, hydraulic machine, punching and shearing machine, ventilation equipment, puncher and blade mold, mixer accessories manufacture and so on. The company is located between the ancient capital nanjing and wuhu gangcheng ma 'anshan city, adjacent to nanjing lukou airport, 314 provincial road through, traffic is very convenient, geographical location is superior.
The company has always taken "entrepreneurship, industry and dedication" as the development tenet of the enterprise, and integrated the whole production, sales and management work into this six-word policy, forming an energetic enterprise development atmosphere. The company is determined to provide excellent service for customers with solid technical strength, reliable product quality and quick service system, so as to win the trust and support of users. The customer's need is the company's working direction and the endeavor goal, at any time and any place we can provide the customer the excellent product and the fruitful service, accepts each kind of opinion, the suggestion and the complaint sincerely, establishes the solid harmonious trust cooperation relations with the customer. We warmly welcome guests and friends at home and abroad to negotiate business and guide our work!