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The function principle and application characteristic of the cutting blade

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Superhard tools are mainly made of diamond and cubic boron nitride, among which artificial diamond composite (PCD) and cubic boron nitride composite (PCBN) are dominant. Many cutting machining concept
Slitting cutter is a very precise cutting tool, which is of great significance in slitting material, overspeed operation, blade profile, sharpness and set parameters. It can reduce the stopping time of working and high performance shearing at any time.
The slitting knife is divided into upper knife and lower knife, mounted on the cutter shaft of the slitting machine, which USES the principle of rolling shear to cut various capacitor paper, aluminum foil, metallized film, film film, computer tape and tape, etc. The newly developed electronic cutting knife can provide you with high quality rolling cutting products. With the advanced "smart" features of the service life, you only need to put in very few operators to obtain the continuous stability of the product, and can also provide automatic calibration in occasions where it is usually difficult to set up the stacking knife and pre-lateral force.
Application features:
1. High stability;
2. All-electronic stacking knife and lateral force control;
3. Proper setting can reduce blade wear;
4. Reduce operating costs and downtime;
5. Simple and intuitive graphical users.